The buildings in Trade Nations can be divided into several categories:

Town CenterEdit

You only have one of these. You start with a very basic town center. Each new and bigger town center supports more houses and is automatically built over the previous one. The first upgrade at level 4 is the Tower, followed by the Keep at level 6, the Fort at level 10 and something else at level 20.


These are the buildings your citizens live in. Each house produces one citizen when built. The smallest house is the Small Cottage. Larger houses are built on top of smaller ones and each one produces a new citizen. After the Small Cottage, there is the Large Cottage and the House.

Raw material buildingsEdit

The raw material buildings are the foundation of your entire economic system in Trade Nations. You need them to make more expensive and luxureous goods later on in the game. There are 4 kinds of basic materials: wood, rock, wheat and wool. You collect wood at the Lumber Camp. It is built in the trees on the edge of your village. The lumber Camp has two jobs available: a wood cutter and a wood hauler. Wheat is collected at the Farm. You can built the farm wherever you want. It also has two available jobs. You collect rock at the Quarry, which has to be built on top of the rocks on the edge of your village. The quarry has, like all the raw material buildings, two jobs: the quarryman and the rock hauler. At level 10, you can build a Pen where you can get wool. It can be placed anywhere in your village and has two jobs: the sheerer and the wool hauler.

All these raw materials are collected by haulers and brought to the stockpiles.

Advanced material buildingsEdit

The advanced material buildings make more finished materials of your raw materials. They include:


Stockpiles are where your collected materials are stored. There are standard and large stockpiles.

The Standard Stockpile has storage room for 900 of each material. The Large Stockpile has room for 3500.


Shops are where your raw materials are converted into a finished products, which bring in gold and XP. Shops include: