Your village consists in Trade Nations of many buildings. There are several categories of buildings:

Authority BuildingsEdit

There can only be just one Authority Building in a Kingdom.
You start with a very basic Town Hall already built.

As you progress through the Levels you can upgrade the existing one to a new and bigger Authority Building.
Each upgrade supports more houses, allows you to build more advanced buildings and is automatically built over the previous one.

There are 7 different Authority Buildings:


These are the buildings your citizens live in. The smallest house is the Small Cottage and produces one citizen. Larger houses can be built separately, or on top of smaller ones. Each upgrade produces one new citizen. The maximum number of houses you can own increases at various levels. To make the best use of your time and resources, build upgrades separately if you are allowed additional houses. If not, upgrade existing houses

The Raw Material Buildings are the foundation of your entire economic system in Trade Nations. You need them to make more expensive and luxureous goods later on in the game.Raw Material BuildingsEdit

There are 4 Raw material buildings:

All these raw materials can be collected by Haulers and brought to a Storage Building.

Advanced Material BuildingsEdit

The Advanced Material Buildings make more finished materials of your raw materials.

They include:

Storage BuildingsEdit

Your collected and produced goods must be stored somewhere.

There are 5 buildings which can be built for this purpose:

In addition, there is a Frontier version of the first four that cost beans, but have more storage.


Shops are where your raw materials are converted into a finished products, which bring in gold and XP. Shops include:

  • Baker Shop: here Wheat is turned into all sorts of delicious food.
  • Flower Shop: here Gold is turned into flowers.
  • Carpenter Shop: here wood and lumber are made into furniture and toys.
  • Tailor Shop: here wool and cloth are made into clothes.
  • Sculptor Shop: here rock and stone are made into sculptures.

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