Gold ([1]) is a item that can be earned at markets and shops.


Gold is needed to build a variety of buildings as well as upgrading. It is one of the most useful and needed items in the game.

Getting GoldEdit

Gold can be obtained by selling materials and resources (wheat, wood, lumber, rock, cut stone, wool, cloth) at a market, different materials and resources have different prices. The manufactured materials (lumber, cut stone, cloth) will worth more gold.

A different way to obtain gold is to sell products at shops (bakery, flower shop, carpenter shop, tailor shop, sculptor shop ). The player must first make the products.


Gold can't be 'stored.' Once the player obtains gold, the game simply adds it to the item bar on the bottom of the screen. The player cannot see where gold is stored. Players suggest that the mayor (the player) 'keeps it safe.'


Gold appears to be a bright-yellow circular coin.