Picture Required Building Costs Building Time Occupied Space XP Production Refund when sold
Loom Level 14


4000 Gold
1500 Lumber
900 Cut Stone
2000 Wool
24 hours

or 24 Magic Bean

2 x 3.5 4250 20 Cloth per hour per worker 400 Gold
150 Lumber
90 Cut Stone
200 Wool

Description Edit

The Loom is one of the three Advanced Material Buildings.
It's the place where Wool Wool is weaved into Cloth Cloth.
Cloth is used to built more advanced buildings and jobs in the Tailor Shop.

It can be built anywhere in the Kingdom.
The building can be moved.

Building Information Edit

The Loom has four jobs available: 2 Weavers and 2 Cloth Haulers.


1 Weaver 2 Weavers
Time Cost Production Cost Production
3 min 2 Wool 1 Cloth 4 Wool 2 Cloth
1 hour 40 Wool 20 Cloth 80 Wool 40 Cloth

For 2 Magic Bean it weaves instantly 100 Wool into 50 Cloth.

Valerius83 11:26, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

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