Picture Required Building Costs Building Time Occupied Space XP Production Refund when sold
Lumber Yard Level 6


500 Gold 400 Log 150 Rock

6 hours

or 6 Magic Bean

2 x 3.5 550 60 Lumber per hour per worker 50 Gold
40 Log
15 Rock

Description Edit

The Lumber Yard is one of the three Advanced Material Buildings.
It's the place where Logs Log are processed into Lumber Lumber.
Lumber is used to built more advanced buildings and jobs in the Carpenter Shop.

It can be built anywhere in the Kingdom.
The building can be moved.

Building Information Edit

The Lumber Yard has four jobs available: 2 Lumber Cutters and 2 Lumber Haulers.


1 Lumber Cutter 2 Lumber Cutters
Time Cost Production Cost Production
2 min 2 Log 1 Lumber 4 Log 2 Lumber
1 hour 60 Log 30 Lumber 120 Log 60 Lumber

For 2 Magic Bean it processes instantly 100 Logs into 50 Lumber.

Valerius83 11:26, May 17, 2011 (UTC)