Villagers are people who the player can get by either adopting or building cottages. They are needed to do jobs.


Villagers are needed to do jobs. The player can instruct them to do any job, they produce materials at certain buildings. These materials are commonly needed for building. Without villagers, progressing through the game would be impossible. Villagers can also be used to produce, sell and craft things in other building such as the bakery, flower shop and carpenter shop. However, you do not need villagers to build buildings, buildings automatically build by themselves.


If not given any job, villagers stand in front of the cottage they spawned out of, sway back and forth and 'sing,' believed because music notes rise up form them. If given a job, they simply do the animation the game has give them for that job.

Getting VillagersEdit

Building small cottages will supply 1 villager to your land while large cottages supply 2. They can also be adopted at the cost of 15 magic beans. It is a much more wiser choice to build cottages other than adopting. As players say that adopting villagers is simply not worth it due to the waste of magic beans.

Appearence and GenderEdit

Villagers have two genders, male and female. When spawned by a cottage or adopted, it is a random choice between either.

Male villagers have brown hair, dotted eyes, a oval-shaped nose and a black slim mouth. They wear a red jumper, blue trousers and brown bulky shoes.

Female villagers have almost the same features as the male villager except that it has a blue cloth over their head and wears a blue long dress instead of blue trousers.